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Ele vai e volta, mas chegou a níveis apopléticos quando este presidente ocupou uma live na Net para apresentar supostas provas do vulnerabilidade do sistema, em julho passado.

DeSantis announced that he would reinstate some restrictions on business activity in late June to halt the virus's spread, but said Florida is "not going back" on reopening the economy, arguing that "people going to a business is not what's driving" the surge in cases. Anthony Fauci said that states reopening faster than federal guidelines were contributing to a rise in cases.[128]

DeSantis on Thursday will be in South Carolina for a fundraiser hosted by a collection of top-level Trump donors, each of whom supports Trump running for reelection, but sees DeSantis as the heir apparent if he does not.

“Everyone who is going to be around that table is a big Trump donor, and it has been communicated to the governor they will support Trump if he runs for re-election.

Nakapanghawak ang bansa sa isang base ng hukbong pandagat sa inookupahang bahagi ng Look ng Guwantanamo sa Kuba mula 1898.

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Using his outsider status to his advantage, Bolsonaro cast himself as an antiestablishment insurgent candidate with little concern for political correctness—in the vein of Donald Trump, who had successfully leveraged that stance to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election; indeed, Bolsonaro was soon labeled the “Trump of the Tropics.” Bolsonaro also won the support of the country’s considerable Evangelical Christian population with his steadfast opposition to abortion, and his championing of law-and-order policies appealed to Brazilians concerned with crime and violence.

Democratic Rep. telegram banido Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor who switched parties, earlier this week announced that he brought in $1 million last month, bringing his Completa raised during his gubernatorial campaign to $nove.

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"The district that has since been enacted and signed into law by the governor does disperse 367,000 African American votes between four different districts," Smith said in a video call with both sides. "The African American population is nowhere near a plurality or a majority."

Florida lawmakers had approved a map & a backup map-However, DeSantis vetoed that bomba & called lawmakers back into a special session to approve the map drawn by his office.

Caso Ciro retire a sua própria candidatura, e este ex-governador de noticias israel São Paulo mesmo que a escolha da terceira via, este petista chega a 50% dos votos:

Ron DeSantis is jair bolsonaro likely unconstitutional, siding with Democrats and voting rights groups trump who said the map would illegally suppress Black voters in northern Florida."

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